Badrinath Temple Showpiece (Bamboo & Ringaal)

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To purify your soul and feel peace amidst stressful conditions in life, one should always visit the Badrinath temple. This replica shown here is a replica of the world-famous Badrinath temple and is purely handcrafted by our artisans at Uttarakhand Haat. This replica is made from ringaal and is completely natural, and biodegradable in nature.


  • Completely Handcrafted
  • Material: Bamboo & Ringaal
  • Dimension:
  • Color: Natural
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Badrinath Temple Showpiece (Bamboo & Ringaal): This replica of the Badrinath temple is definitely going to enlighten your home with positive energy everywhere whether is your workplace or home, you can keep it everywhere to create an aura of positivity and enlightenment. It can also be kept in your child’s room or their study table and help them earn the wisdom of nature and study intelligently. This Badrinath Temple Showpiece replica is carved out of the ringaal and is handcrafted very beautifully. Our artisans at the Uttarakhand Haat pay attention to each and every detail in this replica and it is completely flawless.

The natural and beautiful handcrafted art of Uttarakhand has started to extinct. This is because the majority of people are using plastic items and neglecting handcrafted items as a result, these artists of Uttarakhand are losing their livelihood Uttarakhand Haat acts as a platform that helps these artisans of Uttarakhand in selling their handcrafted masterpieces to people and generating revenue.

Also, our platform aids in reducing pollution by promoting the use of biodegradable items and making people understand the disadvantages of using plastic products. Unlike other platforms, Uttarakhand Haat doesn’t make a profit or aims to make a huge profit out of selling these handcrafted items. But rather help these artists in earning a source of living along with conserving and preserving the natural art of Uttarakhand.

It is important to conserve this art because it is the traditional art of Uttarakhand that is being practiced there for so many years. This handcrafted art is counted among the culture of Uttarakhand and thus our sincere responsibility. Let’s join hands and get along with each other to preserve this cultural and traditional art of Uttarakhand.



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Dining Room, Office Room, Living Room



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