Car Dashboard Decor – Kedarnath Temple Replica

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Made from the Bark of Pine tree, this replica of Kedarnath Temple is bound to leave you amazed with its superb quality and perfect design. Being purely handcrafted, it becomes a magnificent and exceptional gift for all types of occasions and is sure to leave the person delighted and contented on receiving such a masterpiece.


  • Completely Handcrafted
  • Material: Pine Tree Bark (Baget)
  • Dimension: 3.5 x 2.5 x 4 Inches
  • Color: Brown
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Car Dashboard Decor – Kedarnath Temple Replica: All of us know the importance of using bio-degradable materials and thus, we have made this unique and astonishing piece of art from wood and thus, this is completely biodegradable. When you look closely, you will find it perfect from each and every detailing perspective. It can be the best souvenir from your recent Uttarakhand Trip or a reminder to think of positive things daily.


The Kedarnath Temple is known to be the place of light. People visit Kedarnath to fill the light in their darkened lives and believe Kedarnath to be a place of attending Moksh i.e. Liberation from all their sins. This replica of the Kedarnath temple can be your place of peace and serenity during times of stress and distress. It can drive you to light and make you sure that all your problems will not last long.


As already mentioned, Car Dashboard Decor – Kedarnath Temple Replica is a replica of the Kedarnath temple but because of our artisan’s hard work, it looks exactly like the Kedarnath Temple. Not only this, the smell of pine trees makes it more amazing and a perfect handcrafted composition for all types of purposes. From keeping it in your home to gifting it to someone you love and adore, it is the best gifting choice you can make.


Plastic has started to replace these handcrafted items these days. This is because plastic items get manufactured earlier as compared to handcrafted items and also cost less. People have started to use plastic items but the beauty and charm of handcrafted items are unachievable by Plastic Items.


All the items by Uttarakhand Haat are purely handcrafted by the Artisans of Uttarakhand and we at Uttarakhand Haat act as the preservers of this natural art of Uttarakhand by making a platform for all the artisans to sell their handcrafted items.



Hanging Light

Room Type

Dining Room, Office Room, Living Room



Light Source


Power and Plug

Wire Socket




Copper Red


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